Polishing tiles floors sevices

  15/11/2016  6:40

Today with the development of the country along with the development of facilities, science and technology, living space and work, people have been paying special attention to the Granite, Marble, which is used very broadly in the restaurants, hotels, villas.



Normally Marble floor, Granite after years of using will be degraded and need to replace. This replacement is very expensive and sometimes impossible because the buildi  ng is working. Therefore, the best solution is to use the service of polishing stone floor to make the floor shine again. For this reason, Hoan My Company Limited provides floor tiles polishing services, laminated flooring due to necessity from the issues as follows:

– The new floor tiles in the process of construction, transport will be scratched.

– The works that have been in operation for some time will cause the stone to lose its shine, the maintenance service is not reasonable … which will take away the beauty, luxury of the house, the face of the hotel, offices, restaurants, villas.

Due to the specificity of the work, we will use tools to lighten, shine, clean stone floor with Singapore technology.

– Modern polishing machines

– Non toxic chemicals

– Other necessities



With our experience, knowledge of floor tiles and passion of the staff, we are committed to bring you absolute satisfaction. Our floor tiles cleaning  service will make your floor become like new.



– Machine floor, water absorption

– White, red pad and cleaning tools

– Floor safety signs


– Place floor safety sign in the polished area

– Prepare the floor surface, remove the items on the polished area

– Debris handling, dirt on the floor surface

– Use slow polishing machines and chemical to remove the old shade

– Use the wet vacuum cleaner to clean water and chemicals on the floor surface

– Use a special floor tiles polishing machine to polish the floor surface

– Use a vacuum cleaner to drain the solution on the floor surface

– Repeat this operation again with clean water

– After the floor is dry, the scrubber is combined with the white ink to smooth the surface of the floor to create a deep gloss.

– Cleaning of the tools in place

Quality requirements

– Floor surface after being polished are bright and shade



Hoan My Co., Ltd offers floor tiles  polishing services on marble, granite  and other surfaces … with modern industrial cleaning machines, along with the experienced staff, knowledge of the floor tiles and the passion of the staff.

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