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With a good workplace environment, refreshing and cleaning are important factors which aftect directly to the creativity, performance work of each staff. Moreover, office can be specified images of each company to the Customer, since a clean, neat office will be created a positive brand image for customer. 


                                               Dịch vụ lau kính, vệ sinh tòa nhà

Afters years of using, glass will be blurred or after construction process, glass will be affected by the spots, paint and glue. HOANMYCOLEANCO provides the following services:

– Glass of high-rise buildings cleaning services.

– Home glass cleaning services.

– Office glass cleaning service.

– Building cleaning services.

– Outside building cleaning services.

– After building cleaning service


Use special equipment such as gondola equipment, wire rope equipment, using scaffolding

– Clean glass, aluminum surface, high-rise buildings

– Wipe the windows, glass outside the building

Exterior: For high rise buildings, hotels or buildings with large external walls or glass, cleaning and maintenance requires specialized equipment such as ladder systems. , swing rope and trained staffs, with work experience. Thus, the glass surface will be completely cleaned as well as ensure labor safety.

Interior: The cleaning of internal walls, glass for large buildings such as buildings, hotels, hospitals … is equally important compared to external walls or glass. Glass areas such as the lobby must be maintained continuously to create a sense of luxury, ventilation and comfort for partners, customers when entering as well as when sitting inside work. Regular maintenance and cleaning of these areas not only creates a clean environment but also improves the productivity of your employees.

Coming to our company, we will help you to remove stains on the glass surface caused by acid, rain water … or stains left in the construction process such as glue marks, water paint sticking on the glass surface or aluminum frame … After finishing work, the glass surface becomes clean and transparent.




Step 1: Prepare

– Assemble and test the safety of equipment

– Set up signage

Step 2: Cleaning the frame, glass surface

– Use a tilting knife 450 against the surface of glass to remove glue marks, paint, silicon  stick on the frame, the glass surface.

– Clean the glass frame: use paint brushes, towels, chemicals

Step 3: Clean the glass

– Blend the chemicals, dip the cotton (just enough moisture) rub on the glass

– Glazed: horizontal, vertical, square, top to bottom

– Wipe your tongue after every trick

– Use a dry cloth to wipe the frame, the edges around the glass

– Sanitary utensils, tools and moving to the place after the completion of work

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